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About us



TGC Network is a specialized, interdenominational evangelistic ministry. Our membership is therefore opened to all genuine believers in the person and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, irrespective of their denomination provided if their focus aligns with the vision of the great commission (Mark 16:;15)
As an evangelical ministry, we work with churches, missions , interest groups and likeminded individual/corporate entities to take the gopel of Jesus Christ to all part of the world. TGC Network therefore partner with churches for capacity building in areas of evangelism and evangelisation of the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

TGC Network is an acronym for The Great Commission. TGC Network is a specialised enangelistic ministry. Even though registered in different parts of the world under different but related names, for brevity and for purpose of branding, our global name is TGC Network.
Strategically, we are currently registered in the following locations:
a) United States of America as TGC Network inc.
b) United Kingdom as The Great Commission Christian Network (TGC)
c) The Federal Republic of Nigeria as The Great Commission Christian Network (TGC)