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Unveiling the vision of TGC Network

ibesere mission field

Unveiling the vision of TGC Network.

On the 21st of June 2014, the vision (the Mandate) of TGC Network Inc. {aka The Great Commission (TGC) Christian Network} was unveiled to the world as a specialized evangelistic Ministry by God’s servant Pastor Bola Odutola and other anointed men and women of God.

This was the beginning of the journey or what I call THE ADVENTURE OF FAITH, because God has proved Himself always in this vision (the Mandate).

Today, we can look back and see the faithfulness of God; we can look around and see the goodness of God; and we can look ahead and see the awesomeness and Grace  of God. 

It is not about me or anybody for that matter, but it is all about God, for God and with God.

God is everything and whatever is done or seen to have been done all these years, it is all about God.

I strongly believe, that all we have seen in the first 5 years is a preparation for the main journey reaching the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are yet to start.

We have more assignments in the streets, villages, towns, cities and nations of the world.

We need to take the Gospel to the poor and needy.

We need to take the Gospel to the high and mighty.

We need to take the Gospel to the meek and proud.

By all means, we need to go out there into all the world with the power and fire of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We appreciate God Almighty for His love, Grace, Mercies and Favour all these years and to Him alone be all the GLORY.

I want to specially and specifically appreciate the destiny helpers God has raised for us as we journey on this divine assignment. 

They come in different forms for different purposes and different times on the journey. These destiny helpers are too numerous to mention here by names  right here. God raised you, God knows you by names and God Almighty will reward you all in Jesus name.

In all and for all the Lord has done these 5 glourious years, to God alone be all the GLORY.

Evang. Andy Ikekhide
President, TGC Network Inc.