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As part of our spiritual preparation for the ITELE POWER CRUSADE, we are starting our 22 days of fasting and prayers from the 11th day of the 11th month of this year (11-11-21)

Our anchor scripture is the book of Isaiah 60:1-22 and daily prayer points will be drawn from each verse of This scripture

Please note that each person is going to contribute at least 22 hours of personal prayers to the crusade .

You will be praying at least one hour a day specifically for this crusade

You can choose to pray your one hour at a stretch or split into 2 of 30mins each or 3 of 20 minutes each

The fasting will be from 6am to 2pm daily .

If you can stretch to 4 pm, that is great but no breaking before 2 pm

For those outside Nigeria , use 6am to 2pm of your local time as it is convenient to you

The key word is consistency in fasting and prayers

If you are already on the special platform for 22 DAYS FASTING AND PRAYERS, just watch out for future directions directly for only members in the platform

If you are not yet in the platform and want to be part of this spiritual exercise, simply click on the link below and once you are on the platform indicate your NAME, PHONE NUMBER and LOCATION